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Natalie Lee is easy to recognize thanks to her beauty. The Russian model, whose real name is Natalya Krasavina, was into modelling for a very long time before her name actually became famous. With an Instagram account that attracted 7 million followers already, it’s safe to say that Natalie is one of the most popular models in the scene. 

The blonde beauty’s journey was filled with hard work and dedication to her dream career. She has worked with huge brands, and she has received numerous compliments online and in real life. Besides, she has a pretty good net worth, which also makes Natalie keep going. 

Not everyone is aware of Natalie Lee and how she became famous, though. If you’ve just seen her on Instagram and you’re on an adventure to learn more things about her, you can rest assured that you’ll find everything here. This article includes details on her net worth, height, Instagram, boyfriend, career, and more.

Natalie Lee Quick Facts

Name:Natalya Krasavina
Height:5 feet 7 inches / 170 cm
Weight:110 lbs / 50 kg
Net Worth:$2 million (Estimated)
Instagram:@natalee.007; 7M followers

Natalie Lee was born on February 17, 1999, in Moscow, Russia. She is a model, blogger, social media celebrity, and DJ. She has active accounts online, with her largest ones being her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Over the years, the Russian model gained a lot of popularity by sharing photos of her stunning body. She poses in amazing fashion pieces or in flattering swimsuits that show off her curves. For this reason, she managed to get deals with large brands like Fashion Nova and Guess. 

When it comes to her family, Natalie Lee wanted everything to remain a secret. She has not shared any important details about her mother and father. So, we do not know their names. We know that her mother is a professional model as well, while her father is a businessman. 

It’s unknown whether she has any siblings, though. 

It’s no surprise she has OnlyFans, currently, there are over 1,000 posts and media for her fans to enjoy.

Are there any nude photos? You’ll have to subscribe to find out.

Natalie Lee’s Career

Natalie had been interested in becoming a model since she was a little girl. She was always beautiful, so a career in modeling seemed only fit for her. At some point, she posted her pictures on Instagram for the first time, which is how she began getting attention and had her breakthrough in the modeling world.

In 2018, she joined M Models Agency, something that allowed her fame to explode even more. Ever since, her following count on social media grew even more, and she has also worked with multiple big brands. Some of these brands include Fashion Nova and Guess. Furthermore, magazines such as Maxim did photoshoots with her. 

Modeling is not the only thing Natalie does. She also turned into a DJ. In fact, she has been doing this since 2019 under the Natalee.007 stage name. 

Natalie Lee’s Looks

Lee has a great body. She likes to take care of herself all the time, although she is also a naturally beautiful person. To maintain her perfect body, she often works out, going through intense exercise sessions to make sure nothing changes about her goddess appearance. Some would say that she is a fitness freak.

She pairs the workouts with a healthy diet that helps her stay in shape. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that Natalie has a slim waist and attractive curves. 

The model has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body measurements are 32-28-35 inches, and she also measures 5 feet 7 inches. 

Natalie Lee’s Relationship Status / Boyfriend

Love is one of the topics people focus on the most when it comes to beautiful models like Natalie Lee. They want to know if someone so gorgeous is already taken or if she focuses on her career rather than her romantic life. 

When it comes to Natalie, we can tell you that she is not married. However, according to some sources, the model is in a relationship with a professional photographer. His name is Marvin Maalouf, and there have been various pictures of the couple together. Maalouf has his own studio named Marvin Models. 

Considering the two work in the same field, they seem like a match made in heaven. 

Natalie Lee’s Net Worth

Natalie makes a decent amount of money, and that is due to all the hard work she does. She is a model and a DJ. Since she does so many photoshoots and promotes so many brands, it’s only normal that she has a generous net worth.

Although we do not know the exact numbers, her net worth is estimated at $2 million. Her monthly income can vary as she works on different contracts and deals, but she makes nice amounts of cash. 

Natalie Lee Is Very Busy with Work

Fans have noticed that Natalie does not post as much Instagram content anymore. So, the model decided to let them know what had been happening. She posted some photos wearing a Fashion Nova brand bikini, and she accompanied it with a caption where she talks about what she’s been up to lately.

“I do admit that lately, I don’t post enough new content on Instagram. This is due to the fact that I am busy with an important project, and I spend most of my time and energy doing it. Although, it is a good thing that during this period we took a huge amount of photos and videos, which I will gladly share with you more often in the near future!” she said. 

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