Priscilla Ricart, a renowned model, has a deep interest in real estate and enjoys exploring luxurious properties and unique architectural designs. She frequently attends open houses and loves the thrill of investing in promising properties.

Priscilla is also savvy with stocks, keeping a close eye on market trends and making strategic investments to diversify her portfolio. Her interest in insurance ensures she’s well-versed in the best policies to protect her assets and health. In the banking sector, she appreciates learning about new financial products and services that can enhance her financial stability.

Cryptocurrency fascinates Priscilla as she delves into the dynamic world of digital currencies, exploring their potential and volatility. Her home is her sanctuary, where she enjoys designing cozy and aesthetically pleasing spaces that reflect her personality.

Priscilla has a green thumb and spends her weekends tending to her garden, cultivating a variety of plants and flowers. She is an animal lover, with a special fondness for her pets, which she considers part of her family. Her love for animals extends to supporting local shelters and advocating for pet adoption. Overall, Priscilla Ricart’s interests are as diverse and vibrant as her modeling career, reflecting a multifaceted personality.

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