A woman heard a pitying squeak from a trash can – a puppy was freezing there

Early one morning a woman from Tadworth was on her way to work when she suddenly heard a piteous squeak coming from the garbage cans. She ventured closer and saw something crawling among the waste. She realized it was a puppy.

It happened on a February morning, when it was quite cold. Who threw the unfortunate animal into the garbage can and why is unknown, but it certainly could not have been done by an adequate person. The woman was shocked by her discovery, and rushed to get the animal out of the garbage on her own.

The woman decided to be late for work, because it was necessary to save the animal’s life. She bought special milk for the puppy, fed it and called the RSPCA.

Naturally, they listened to the story of the poor little dog and agreed to take it in. It was fortunate that the woman found the dog that morning, as Hurricane Doris soon hit the city, blanketing it with snow and bringing icy winds.

The help center warmed and washed the dog and gave the necessary medicine to the baby with the big ears. At first everyone thought the dog was a mongrel, but it soon became a real handsome dog!

The puppy was named Doris. The puppy was tiny and needed a mother, but there was no nursing dog in the shelter, so the volunteers nursed it as best they could, giving it milk from a pacifier.

Doris turned out to be a terrific female dog. It began to resemble a stately sheepdog with long paws, big ears, and attentive eyes. It was glowing with health and wanted to find a home. Fortunately, it was adopted. Only it didn’t live long with its new owners – the couple had a baby and couldn’t keep the dog.

They did not abandon merry and playful Doris, but found a new home for it.

The couple gave Doris to their good acquaintances, to whom the dog had already become accustomed.

Now the dog will definitely stay with them forever!

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